Merch artwork for Helvetets Djävlar. 2023
Merch design for In Pain. 2022. To be printed soon
Merch design for Sentient Horror. 2022
Merch artwork for Chronic Illness. 2022
Merch design for Sentient Horror. 2019
Merch design for Truckstop Alaska. 2019
T-shirt design for Brainwasher. 2019
Merch design for a Gravebomb long sleeve shirt. 2018
Back patch design for Gravebomb 2018
Merch design for Sentient Horror's Euro tour during October 2018 together with Carnal Tomb, put together by Testimony Records
Shirt design for Sentient Horror 2018
Merch art for Vokonis 2017
Merch art for Morbid Illusion 2017
Merch design for Sentient Horror 2016
Merch design for Gravebomb 2016-2017
Merch design for Memories Wither 2016
Merch art for Gravebomb 2016-2017
Merch Design for Evisceration, now with the new Logo and a few other tweaks
Finished version of "Tombthrasher" for Gravestone! 2015