Merch design for Sentient Horror. 2019
Album artwork for Matriphagy's 2019 album "Prelude to Evisceration". 2018
Album artwork for Brainwashers debut album Vicious Circles. To be released summer 2021. Done with mixed media on physical canvas board with post adjustments done in Photoshop.
Updated logo for CRAWL . 2022
Artwork for In Pain's album "The Sound of Death". 2019
Artwork for Flesh Crusher's 2022 demo "Bastardized". Printed and scanned. 2022
Merch artwork for Chronic Illness. 2022
Logo for Maltreatment. 2022
Logo for BONE MARROW. 2020
Album art for split release between Inisans and Sepulchral Frost. 2019
Logo for We Promise Pain. 2021
Artwork for Protector's upcoming album "Excessive Outburst of Depravity" out July 1st 2022 through High Roller Records. 2021
Merch design for Truckstop Alaska. 2019
T-shirt design for Brainwasher. 2019
Logo for Flesh Crusher (Sweden). 2021
Logo for Coffin Hauler. 2021