Merch design for In Pain. 2022. To be printed soon
Artwork for Protector's upcoming album "Excessive Outburst of Depravity" out July 1st 2022 through High Roller Records. 2021
Artwork for Flesh Crusher (Sweden)'s second demo "Demonic Possession". 2022
Logos for Tunnels of Set, one more ornated and one simplified. 2023
Artwork for Flesh Crusher's 2022 demo "Bastardized". Printed and scanned. 2022
Brainwasher side of the Axis of Despair/Brainwasher 7" split. 2022
Merch artwork for Helvetets Djävlar. 2023
Logo for Hammer of Daemons . 2024
Logo for Carebearer. 2022
Artwork for Screams Of Hockomock upcoming release "Beauty in Darkness" [Censored]. Concept by the band. 2022
Logo for Eternal Dawn. 2022
Artwork for Matriphagy's EP "Abysm of Time". 2023
Merch design for Sentient Horror. 2022
Merch artwork for Chronic Illness. 2022
Updated logo for Morphetik. 2024
Logo for Helvetets Djävlar. 2023