Artwork for Matriphagy's EP "Abysm of Time". 2023
Brainwasher side of the Axis of Despair/Brainwasher 7" split. 2022
Artwork for Flesh Crusher (Sweden)'s second demo "Demonic Possession". 2022
Artwork for Screams Of Hockomock upcoming release "Beauty in Darkness" [Censored]. Concept by the band. 2022
Artwork for Protector's upcoming album "Excessive Outburst of Depravity" out July 1st 2022 through High Roller Records. 2021
Artwork for Flesh Crusher's 2022 demo "Bastardized". Printed and scanned. 2022
Album artwork for Brainwashers debut album Vicious Circles. To be released summer 2021. Done with mixed media on physical canvas board with post adjustments done in Photoshop.
Album art for split release between Inisans and Sepulchral Frost. 2019
Album artwork for Matriphagy's 2019 album "Prelude to Evisceration". 2018
Artwork for In Pain's album "The Sound of Death". 2019
Artwork for Walking Corpse's self titeled release. 2018
Backside art for Gods Forsaken's "Smells of Death". 2018
Artwork for Gods Forsaken's album "Smells of Death". 2018
Album art for Brainwasher's debut EP "Procrustean Bed"
Artwork for Gravestone's album "Sickening". 2017
Album artwork for Occulted's upcoming release "Culling Earth". 2017
Album art for Gods Forsaken's upcoming debute "In a Pitch Black Grave". 2017
Album art for Nazg├╗l's debut release Currents of Primordial Wrath. 2016-2017
Album art for Sentient Horror's first full length album "Ungodly Forms", to be released late 2016.
Album art made for a band that ended up splitting up before the release
Album art for Envig's upcoming album "By Human Hands" Made 2016
Album art for Gravebomb's first full length record "Rot In Putrid Filth" 2016.
Album art for AVSLUT's EP "Vanskapt" 2016. Painted with acrylic paint on canvas.